Fun Shows
            OPEN   ALL   BREED  Fun HORSE  SHOW
              “Something for everyone in the family”
                                     Fancy clothes and tack not required
                                                               June 1 2013   

                           Sponsored by Moonridge Farm  for more info 208-852-0443

All classes are open to all breeds

                            All classes are open to riders of any age unless stated otherwise
                                   All riders under the age of 18 yrs must wear a helmet                                  
                         For more info call 852-0442  or
9 am

Hunter pl amateur
Hunter pl  walk trot adult
Hunter pl open
Hunter pl junior or maiden  horse
Hunter pl open jackpot champion
Hunter pl / equitation walk trot 17 & under
Hunter pl 17 yrs and under open
Huntseat  eq  adult
Huntseat eq 17 & under

Short break
Cross bars walk trot under 17 yrs
Hunter over jumps 18”
Hunter over jumps 24”
Huntseat eq over jumps 18”
Freestyle dressage to music

1 pm
Pair class  western  or english
Western pl open
Western pl junior or maiden horse
Western pl amateur
Western pl  walk trot  adult
Western pl 17 yrs and under open
Western pl open 
jackpot championship
            Stockseat equitation  adult
Stockseat eq 17 & under
Stockseat eq / pleasure walk trot  17 & under
Western freestyle reining to music

Short break
trail junior or maiden horse
trail walk trot youth
trail 17 yrs and under
Trail unbroke
trail open

Open All youth All Breed Fun Horse Show

                    Stick horses welcome !!!
                              Sponsored by    Moonridge Farm    
                                         Held at the Franklin Co Fairgrounds Preston, ID
                                June 29, 2013

                                 All riders under 18 yrs old must wear a helmet
                         For more info call 852-0443  or

9 am                  Sign up starts at 8 am

1. Hunter pl walk only 10 yrs and under
2. Hunter pl walk trot youth
3. Hunter pl 17 yrs and under open
4. Huntseat  eq walk trot  youth
5. Huntseat eq walk only 10 yrs and under
6. Huntseat eq 17 yrs and under open
7. Hunter over jumps cross bars (walk or trot)
8. Huntseat eq cross bars (walk or trot)
9. Stick horse over jumps
10. Hunter over jumps 18”
11. Huntseat eq over jumps 18”
12. Stick horse command class
13. Command class walk trot (English or western)
14. Command  class 17 under (English or western)
15. Freestyle dressage walk trot
16. Freestyle dressage 17 under

1 pm
17. Costume .. rider in a  costume on a real or
stick horse..      
18. Stick horse bucking  class (best bucker wins)
19. Western pl 17 yrs and under open
20. Western pl walk trot youth
21. Western pl /eq walk only 10 yrs and under
22. stockseat equiation walk trot youth
23. Stockseat equiation 17 yrs and under  open    
24. Trail
stick horses only
25. trail  walk  only 10 yrs and under
26.  trail walk trot youth
27. trail 17 yrs and under
28. barrel race
stick horses
29. barrel race walk only under 10 yrs
30. barrel race walk trot youth
32. barrel race 17 yrs and under (any gait)
34. freestyle reining 17 yrs and under (to music)
35. freestyle reining walk trot (to music)
Moonridge Farm Sponsored Horse show info

Walk trot…open to riders that do not canter or lope
walk only
….open to riders that haven’t learned to trot or lope.  An adult may walk with them but may not touch the horse or tack.
open… to any horse or rider that lopes or canters
pleasure  (pl)…the horse is being judged on manners and performance
equitation  (eq)…
the rider is being judged on riding skilltrail….horse is ridden over common trail obstacles
freestyle reining or dressage…riders make up patterns to music using reining or dressage moves.  Will work individually or may work as a team.  Not longer than 3 minutes. Riders must provide a  CD with the music on

Command class…riders will perform as a group, following the judges commands. Rider that performs most accurate  will win.
Barrel race…riders will race around 3 barrels and be timed.
Hunter over jump classes
can be ridden at any gait unless otherwise stated
Pair class..
two riders ride side by side following judges commands
Open Jackpot champion classes….
open to any horse showing in a qualifying class.  (open, amateur, or  junior,)   $5 extra entry fee is charged. Riders drop a $5 bill in a hat when entering the class and winner takes all.
Unbroke  trail…handler leads the horse over and through obstacles. Open to handlers that are unable to ride or horses that have never been ridden.
Amateur…any person  18 yrs old and over that does NOT make a living training horses or giving lessons.  All youth  17 and under qualify for amateur.
Huntseat and Stockseat  are equitation classes
Stick horse to any age rider riding a stick horse..

Fees:           $5 per class  
$50 adult all day pass (one rider, can have multi horses)
                   additional $5 for each jackpot championship class
$35  youth all day pass  either show
$50 All day family pass for the youth show (siblings only)
                    $3 all day stick horse only classes  or $1 per class

fees help pay for judges, ribbons, and awards