I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Cheryl Greenhawt and will be serving as the Vice President of RMMHC for 2014. We live in Utah during the winter and in Idaho through the summer and fall. Our place in Idaho is in the Caribou National Forest and the trail riding is gorgeous. If any of you want to travel and ride we have safe horse fencing, a little barn, RV parking, or you are welcome to stay with us. Guests are always welcome.

I have been around horses all of my life and have owned Arabians, Quarter Horses, and Paints, but not one can compare to the pure "joy" my first Morgan brought me. His name was MLF Nevada Spirit, son of the famous Century Free Spirit. He truly was my horse of a lifetime. He happily carried me up trails I could not have traveled on my own, and his regal beauty brought several Championships our way. He could, "Do it All." He left this world running through the pasture in a rain storm. He gave me the gift of never needing to make a choice in his golden years. Yes, he was my first Morgan, and will not be my last, but no horse will ever be able to replace the empty spot in my heart I have for him.

I now own Sea Cloud Casanova and I'm Willy Hot. Unfortunately, they came into my life just when my health went south, but you shall see me on them this summer. I had my first three rides this week. There are trails out there calling our names, and shows to participate in. I'm looking forward to once again enjoying the majestic beauty of our special Morgan breed.

Casanova and Bugs spend a few months in the mountains of Idaho where the they can run free in green pastures. They bring me such joy watching them frolic, sun themselves, and graze in a tranquil setting. The best part is when I call their names they look up and come running on high to visit with me. How could anyone ever tire of that sight? It is absolutely beautiful!

I thank the day Nevada Spirit walked into my life, for I now know the Morgan breed is the only one for me! Here's to our Morgan horses.



Cheryl Greenhawt