Tribute to Hang N Lil Freska
Owner - Doreen Snow
On Saturday, November 6, 2010 I had to make that awful decision to put down one of my dear friends.  Hang N Lil Freska (Shalom Abednego x MLF Spring Debutante) had suffered long enough.  She was my love and it saddens me to have to lose her.  She never complained and I never knew she was suffering from side bone.  But apparently she had this for a while.  By the time I found out it was too far advanced.  She was such a good horse she tried to do everything I asked of her.  She would call out to me every time she would see me.  She would wrap her neck around me and hold me close whenever I had troubles and needed a shoulder to cry on.  My barn is quiet without her there.  We had a connection that she knew I was near.  I would be very quiet and she would know when I was near and she call out to me.  I will miss her very much.  Even my other two sweet horses miss her.  Her full sister Diablo would look for her when she could not be outside with her.  Cinder would also look for her in her stall.   I will miss you my sweet dear friend Freska.  I know in my heart you are not suffering any longer and you are running free with no more pain.  Our time together was way too short.  But somehow you knew that you did not have much more time.  As I was being careful with you and trying to make you comfortable you asked me to ride you one last time.  I rode you one last time because that is what you wanted to do for me.  You were so valiant.  You were not a Grand Champion in the show ring.  But you will always be my Grand Champion.  You will always be remembered in my heart my love.  I hope I will be able to ride you again.  “On the other side of the bridge to forever, our animal friends wait for us.  Good bye hurts so much.  But someday you will think of your animal friends with smiles instead of tears.  And it will feel as if this little soul left a rainbow in your heart.”

Greener Pastures
Teisha Preece saying goodbye to CFM Wayfarer
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