Rocky Mountain Morgan Horse Club
     Utah was already recognized as having some outstanding Morganís.††Flying Jubilee, Townsend Gaymeade, Stellar were some of the few Morganís in Utah in the fifties producing outstanding foals for which Utah was being recognized.††These horses are now listed as foundation stock for the Western Working Morganís.
      The Rocky Mountain Morgan Horse Club began in 1961 by a few prominent Breeders and Show people.††To name a few, Mel Frandsen, Ern Peddler, E.W. Higgins, Wilfred Burrell, Joe Hovey, George Feulner, Walt Christensen, were some of the early members of the Rocky Mountain Morgan Horse club. Which was incorporated to bring more shows and Morganís horses to Utah.††
    †In the early years the club was very successful in showing Morganís locally, regionally and nationally.
For over 40 years the club has sponsored shows, clinics, trail rides and any other activities that members have been interested in. The club has also been a great tool for meeting new people and promoting the Morgan horse for the region over the years.
     The club started the Futurity program in 1977 and has continued on since. Also the club has a High Point program for the members who show their horses for extra recognition of their achievements.†††Even today we have members who are competing on National levels in shows and in dressage.
     The Rocky Mountain Morgan Horse Club is not a large club, with memberships varying around 60 memberships a year over the last 40 years it has been in existence.††In 1962 there were 64 memberships and in 2004 there were 56 memberships. This has allowed the club to be as personal as any member would like it to be.††Even though a lot of the top breeders and trainers have left Utah, the club is finding a renewed interest among the trail riders and people who just love the Morganís, for the type of horse they are.
    The club has always produced a newsletter and a directory, which help members keep informed of what's happening in the Morgan horse community of Utah and the intermountain area including Idaho and Wyoming
Just a  few of the original club members
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