Jessica Harvey

Jessica's "horsey" life started before she could even walk.  Her mom would carry her in a pack as she rode her horse.  Soon she wanted to ride behind and not too soon after that Jessica wanted to ride by herself.  One day her mom was to busy to saddle up "snip"  so she decided to do it herself.  She put the halter on the ground with grain around it.  When Snip put his head down to eat she fasten the halter.  Next she would stack up buckets, big one on the bottom, and make stairs to get on.  Then she would ride around no saddle just a halter.  By now she was  5 yrs old.  Snip was a one in a million horse.  His real name was Gaylo's Jubilation (a Morgan of course)  and was about 8yrs old at the time.  He had been well used by her mom as a  versital show/driving/trail/pack trip horse.  He did it all .  He loved Jessica and  would do anything for her.  The pair went on to be great friends and spent many hours together riding trails, jumping jumps, showing name it they did it.   This relationship lasted another 20 yrs.  Snip was laid to rest at the age of 31  1/2.  From here Jessica rode anything she could find.  Her love of training grew, and grew and grew. 
          Today she is a full time trainer at Moonridge Morgans in Preston Idaho and has the gift to read and commuicate with horses far better than most "horse whisperers"  She never has to look for training horses, or clients,  they just find her from word of mouth.
         Other hobbies include raising pigs (ask her how many she has) , scapebooking, crafts, camping, and hunting.  She has 2 children a son Jaydon who is 13 and a daughter Jentry who is 5.  Jentry  is just as horse crazy as her and seems to be following in her footprints.