Open All breed  and  Morgan Horse Show 2019

                FREE Stalls available for those wanting to spend the night.  Must bring your own hay 
                         Also overnight camping spots     RSVP  ASAP
                   Show is held at Moonridge Farm in Preston Idaho  (892 N 1600 E)  208-317-3259

halter and youth   $5 each                  performance  $8 each 
              all day youth rider $30 youth classes only       youth all day $50  all classes
              all day adult rider $60            each rider may ride several horses

      Friday          Aug  9         pot luck dinner after the last class

Youth  western     4 pm
1. youth western pl walk
2. youth stockseat eq walk
3. Youth stockseat walk trot
4. youth western  pl walk trot
5. youth western pl open

6. Youth stockseat  open
7. youth trail gamblers walk
8.Youth trail gamblers Walk trot
9. youth trail gamblers  open            

10. Unbroke trail   all breeds

6 PM
Halter  for purebred Morgans
11 foals 2017
12.foals 1 yr olds
13. foals 2 yr olds
14. foals 3 yr olds
15. Junior championship  no fee
16. Mares 4 yrs and older
17. Geldings 4 yrs and older
18 Stallions 4 yrs & older
19. Senior Championship  no fee
     Youth showmanship at halter
Saturday      Aug  10    All classes open to Any breed or age rider unless stated otherwise                        Half Morgans (must have a reg parent) can enter any Morgan performance class except championships

9 AM
. Morgan Hunter PL Open
             21. Hunter pl Amateur
            22. Hunter PL open
            23. Morgan Hunter pl Championship
            24. Hunter pl Junior horse  4 yrs & under
            25. Hunter over  cross bars 18-24

                   hour break
        26. Morgan Western pl Open
           27. Western pl Amateur
           28. Western pl open
           29. Morgan Western pl Championship
            30. Western Junior Horse  4 yrs &under
           31. western pl adult walk trot
            32. reining open
            33. Trail open  gamblers choice 18 over
            34. Junior horse trail  1st year

Lunch   Break

Youth  classes all breeds
       Starting about 12:30 

35. Youth hunter walk
36. Youth huntseat eq walk    
37. Youth Hunter    X bars  walk
38Youth Huntseat eq   X bars  walk
39. Youth Hunter pl   Walk trot
40. Youth Huntseat equitation  walk trot               
41 Youth hunter x bars WT
42 Youth huntseat eq x bars WT
43 Youth Hunter pl   open
44 Youth huntseat eq open     
45 Youth Huntseat equitation over jumps open  
46. Youth  Hunter cross bars 18  open