My Morgan and Me Program
This program was added in 2018 and is for people who just like to use and ride their Morgans which basicly includes all of us !!

Awards will be presented to  all participants and special awards to the  top two.
                                   Parcicipants must turn in their hours by Dec 30 of the current year
Divisions include

Companion horse for the best pasture pet ever
      not to have been ridden or bred

Trail Riding  keep track of hours ridden
       age divisions are
              65 yrs and older
              19-64 yrs old
              18-12 yrs old
              11 yrs and under

Pleasure backyard driving 

Lesson horse for horses used for lessons

Therapy horse used for any type of therapy

Ranch horse can be used for  any type of ranch work work

Pleasure riding,   any time spent riding or training your horse other than on the trails