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Marsha Perelle sent the following news:
Upcoming  2016 High Point Show
Kathy Dorius Spring  show                      May 7-9      South Jordan Equestrian Center
Larry Weight Summer classic                 June 15-18   South Jordan Equestrian Center
Howard Franklin Classic                         July 13-15"   "               "              "
Utah State Fair                                       TBA      State Fair Park SLC Utah
Utah Morgan and  all breed show           

Eastern Idaho State Fair  (Lots of Morgan classes)       Sept 7                     Blackfoot Idaho Fairgrounds
Idaho all youth fun shows                                        June24                 Moonridge Farm,  Preston Idaho
All Morgan  show                                                    Aug TBA                       Moonridge Farm Preston Idaho
The Return of Bourbon
In May 1997, a gaited chestnut colt was born, sired by Dees Sunday Supreme and out of my husband Johnís mare, Perelleís Katie. As he reached the age of 2, I had been thinking about keeping him for my husband, to replace Katie when she got too old for those tough rides he sometimes goes on. When Bourbon (Perelleís Bourbon Supreme) was 3, a lady (Laurel) first e-mailed me and then, made the trip from Elko, Nevada to our place in Lehi, Utah. She decided she wanted to purchase a pretty Morgan mare that was in foal, and then she saw Bourbon and said he would be perfect for her husband, well, I told her he wasnít for sale and for the next few weeks she nagged me over and over to sell him, we finally gave in and sold the mare and Bourbon. We hauled them to Elko, Nevada, her husband (Wes) had never seen Bourbon, when we took him out of the trailer, he was grinning from ear to ear, I think it was love at first sight. We have stayed in touch through the years and the day came where Wes couldnít ride anymore, due to a mining accident and they decided to give Bourbon to their farrier who had just lost his good mare. She called me about a week later and told me, I was a bit sad that she hadnít thought of the fact that we didnít want to sell him in the first place. That was in August, 2010 and in February, 2011 Laurel called me and told me that their farrier had told them that he was just too busy with shoeing horses and his other business that he was going to get out of horses for a while. Laurel then told him that we wanted the gelding and he agreed. She called us and told us to come and get him, he was ours if we still wanted him. John called farrier to let him know we wanted him and he said to come straight to his place and that he didnít want us to deal with Laurel and Wes (now I know why). At the end of February, 2011 my husband  John found a day that was decent enough to travel and he took off at 4:00 in the morning for Winnemucca, Nevada, taking a good friend (Dean) with him to help him drive since, they were going to turn right around and bring Bourbon home. Well, there was a problem finding the farriers place because he wouldnít answer his phone and they finally called and got directions from Laurel and her phone book and when they pulled into the farrierís yard, the temperature was 1 degree. He pulled up to the corral and was horrified, he saw 3 of the skinniest horses heíd ever seen, one of them came single-footing up and he knew that was Bourbon. The farrier came out and tried to catch Bourbon; he reared and didnít want anything to do with him. He finally caught him and handed him over to John who loaded him and left. The farrier wasnít having hard times or anything, he had a huge haystack; I canít imagine having all that hay and not feeding your animals. No wonder his ďgood mareĒ died, it probably starved to death. Around 6:00 PM that night, John and Dean pulled into our yard and unloaded Bourbon. He is putting on weight now and I really do think he remembers us. Now, if the weather will co-operate, John will try out his new ride, if he can even  get on him, I donít know what Laurel and Wes fed him but heís TALL, Over 16 hands! Laurel and Wes had no idea the farrier wasnít feeding his horses, they didnít know where he lived and thought that they had given him a good home, when they heard what kind of condition Bourbon was in they were extremely angry, Wes will not let the farrier on his property and Laurel has to find someone else to shoe her Morgan. Johnís mare Katie died about 3 years ago and heís missed her ever since and heís happy her son Bourbon has come home.

Marsha Perelle                    
   Perelleís Morgans, Lehi Utah           
Hi Everyone,
I wanted to let you all know I just recieved a phone call from Jamie. She was in an accident on Friday. She was pulling her horse trailer. The truck rolled twice and the trailer rolled once. She was ejected from the vehicle. She had her son and dog with her also. They are fine just some bumps and bruises. Jamie sustained 5 broken ribs, a broken back and a broken neck. She will be going home today (Tuesday, 9th). She will be recovering for the next 10 weeks maybe longer. Her horse Henry is doing fine he sustained some bruising and abrasions. He does have a sore back also. The vet said he will be ok. He is at Annette Coesters and she will be caring for him there. She said she is sorry she won't be at the Morgan Show. She will be thinking about us. We need to remember her in our thoughts and prayers.
Heather Karns of Victor Idaho has purchased Hang N Joe Dirt from Moonridge Farm and will use him for trail riding and pack trips.
Paul Huff as sold several horses including Fire N Ice and Icestorm of Monarch to Moonridge Farm  who will use them for breeding.
Marla McClain has purchased from Moonridge Farm  Ragtime White Dove a perlino mare and will use her for breeding and trail riding
Leanne Pope of Richfield Ut has purchased Blackberry Rum from Moonridge Farm.  Hopefully this filly will help replace the lost of her mare Hang N Twix N Kisses.
Moonridge Farm has had the following foals ..a cute black colt out of Gracie and Hawk..he is awesome and has a bold disposition.  He is for sale.

Trianna had a buckskin colt by Season's Pure Country.
He is going to be big and shows some gait.

Nancy Allen had a cute bay filly by Randallane Oasis.  This 100% Lippitt filly is owned by Doreen Snow

News & Events
Moonridge Farm has sold for Robert Spencer, the buckskin mare Hang N River of Love to Rogar Huglund of Murray Utah.  This is his first Morgan and he will use her for trail riding
Lots of Fun pictures
Moonridge Farm has purchased a Bay Dun Stallion From Bonnie Lang in ND.  He will be used for breeding.  For more info see stallions.
Suzanne Siddoway from Laketown UT has purchsed from Moonridge Farm a black stud colt and will use him for dressage and pleasure,
Sold to the Siddoway family in Laketown UT
SOLD to Tiesha Preece of Nibley UT
Sue Dertmers has sold her palomin gelding "zip" to a family in Washington to use for trail riding

She has also sold her palomino mare "leela" to a lady in Bosie ID to use for trail riding.
Moonridge Farm has all the 2014 foals on the ground now...
.Dolly had a black colt by Hawk,
Sold to Terry and Nancy Orme of Sandy
Gracie had a black filly by Hawk. 
Tuesday had a bay filly by Hawk,   
Wednesday had a buckskin filly by Blizzard and
Fiona had a buckskin colt by Blizzard. 
Sold to Scott & Doris Richards
See lots of pictures on our web    
Several are for sale.

Natalie Tanaka of Victor Idaho recently purchased Robbie Sue's Sweet Success and will stand him in Victor.  This bay dun stallion is the foundation of most dun morgans.  She has also purchased Ragtime Dun D a grulla stallion. For info contact her at 307-200-1110
Tresa Bowden of Roosevelt Utah has purchased from Moonridge Farm Hang N Storm Warning.
Scott & Doris Richards have purchased Hang N Ruff N Ready  a buckskin colt from Moonridge Farm
2014  Utah All Breed Horse Assoc  High point winners

Morgan English Pl    Rocky Illuminator     Celia Jacobson
Morgan Hunter Pl     Secret Creek Jalapeno     Celia Jacobson
Morgan Western Pl   Picabo El Nino      Kathy Johnson
Club Newsletters
tCongratulations go to the Morgans and their riders who competed with great success at the USHA competitive trail ride and obstacle course on October 4th.  Kathy Johnson and her gelding Picabo El Nino won the large senior division, which was not a surprise as this pair are top contenders at trail classes and obstacle rides throughout the region.  Three other Morgans entered, and all three placed:  Rachel Warren rode Christafire to a 3rd place in the 12-17 division, Kindra Foster and Indy were fourth in the young adult division, and Dave Johnson took 4th in the senior division with Ali Kazam.  Sixty-four horses competed in the ride, which was held at Dimple Dell Equestrian Park in Samdy, UT.
Moonridge Farm has 2 foals so far.....a buckskin colt out of Alibi Trianna and Bizzard  and a bay dun filly by Success Made in Dun out of Nan.   I  heard they named her keeper and she is not for sale.

Kamie Davis of Blackfoot ID has purchased  her first Morgan.  A black bay stallion.  She is using him for English pleasure and dressage. 

Kris Mendenhall of Pocatello ID  has purchased from Moonridge Farm a bay mare that she is using for trail riding.
Steve and Diane Staples of Riverton Utah has purchased from Moonridge Farm a black fiilly.
Moonridge had a black colt by Elvis out of Pepper  Who has been sold to  Guy Marshall of Pocatello Id

Also a chestnut filly by Hawk out of Gracie that is not for sale

And a Buckskin colt by Blizzard out of Misty That is for sale

And a grulla filly out of Liz and Elvis. She is not for sale
Guy Marshall of Pocatello Id has purchased from Moonridge a 2016 black colt and a 2015 bay gelding.  They will be used for ranch work and trail riding.
Natalie Tanaka has gotten several COLORED fillies. Some people have all the luck !!   Go to her web site to see them !