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RMMHC Newsletter
Oct/Nov  2014

                        2014 Officers

Pres Karen Weight801-250-8029
ViceCheryl Greenhawt801-209-2985
Sec/TresSue Detmers801-255-5644
Wendy Hanger 208-852-0443 
Kathy Johnson  801-544-1747
Dave Johnson801-571-5497
Michelle Chaplin435-249-0405
Jessica Harvey435-881-4785

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to help, PLEASE call any of the above people.
Current Paid Members
Following is a list of paid members of the RMMHC …if your name does not appear on this list and should-let me know at:

1.Faye AndersonSingle
2.Barry Beach - riding for Cheryl GreenhawtSingle
3.Michelle ChaplinFamily
4.Sue DetmersSingle
5.Cheryl GreenhawtSingle
6.Wendy HangerSingle
7.Shaylee HangerYouth
8.Jessica HarveyFamily
9.Kathie HormanSingle
10.Kerry HumphreysFamily
11.Celia JacobsonSingle
12.David & Kathy JohnsonFamily
13.Pat MichaelSingle
14.Ruth MossSingle
15.Bob & Judy NelsonFamily
16.Marsha PerelleSingle
17.Scott & Doris RichardsFamily
18.Dawson Smith (Kathy Johnson grandson)Junior
19.Stockton Smith (Kathy Johnson grandson)Junior
20.Natalie TanakaSingle
21.Jodi ThorpeFamily
22.Mimi TraugottSingle
23.Karin & Larry WeightFamily
24.Michael WardSingle
25.Ashlee Warren (Kathy Johnson granddaughter)Junior
Bits & Pieces
Long-time member Stan Allen had surgery last year which was so successful that he and his wife were able to leave for a mission at Nauvoo this spring. True to form, Stan ended up taking charge of the horse program there, doing the training of the draft horse pairs that pull carriages and buckboards throughout the historical area.

Congratulations go to the Morgan’s and their riders who competed with great success at the USHA competitive trail ride and obstacle course on October 4th.  Kathy Johnson and her gelding Picabo El Nino won the large senior division, which was not a surprise as this pair are the  top contenders at trail classes and obstacle rides throughout the region.  Three other Morgan’s entered, and all three placed:  Rachel Warren rode Christafire to a 3rd place in the 12-17 division, Kindra Foster and Indy were fourth in the young adult division, and Dave Johnson took 4th in the senior division with Ali Kazam.  Sixty-four horses competed in the ride, which was held at Dimple Dell Equestrian Park in Samdy, UT.

Our youth show was a great success....about 20 youth competed.   7 Morgan’s were ridden.   Will get some photos soon...

We are currently looking for a place to hold our Annual Elections and Awards Banquet.  Please stay tuned.

Natalie Tanaka has 2 new stallions in Victor ID.   Ragtime Dun D & Robbie Sues's Sweet Success   (both are on the stallion page of the RMMHC website for your viewing)

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Check out the Website:  They have been some new pictures come in for the memories page....a daughter of Lyle Hall sent one in as did Terry Orme of his family in the 50's. 

We need more Photo’s,   We would like to make this a go to place for people to check out our club, horses, etc.  Also, please submit horses for sale, stallions at stud , upcoming events,  your accomplishments, activities, etc.   to     Wendy Hanger at <>

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Morgans in the Spotligt
Submitted by Celia Jacobson

It has been a little over a year now that I have had Rocky. I'm not really sure why I took on this challenge, but when I saw him on Facebook, tied to the fence on the killer lot, I just knew.  His breeding reads like a who's who of horses I remember from the past, Beamington, Justa Joy, The Entertainer, Irish Entertainment and double In Command. So even though he was so skinny, sad and sore, I knew what he could be.

He ate constantly for the first 6 months and gained about 350 pounds and got his color back.    There were so many firsts for him coming from Lancaster, PA, Amish country. He had never had his teeth done, never had his face shaved, would not move when he was turned loose on his own. When I turned my other boys out with him, he would just look at me not wanting to do anything he wasn't supposed to. He would not run. They are severely disciplined if they canter. They pull their feet out from under them. His one knee is bigger from being dropped on it so many times. I never thought I could get him to canter, He would give me little buck when I would ask. I didn't know if he was sore or scared. It was such an accomplishment for him to canter both ways of the arena at his first show, to even be at the show.

I am the 7th registered owner; don't know how many had him that didn't change his papers. I used to wonder why some would only keep him for a few months. I now think I know why.  Now that he feels really good, he has come into himself and his Park Horse breeding. He wants to go, go, and go.  This off season, we are working on slow and collected.
It is so rewarding taking a rescue. He still has many scars from his past, but has healed up amazingly.  Rocky is so appreciative, loves to go play now and run with his buddies. He loves people; he is just such a
In Memory OF
For those of you who hadn’t heard, we lost one of our long time members Jennifer Randles.  She passed away on Sept 25, 2014.   She will be missed by all. See her obituary below.
Jennifer Lynn Randles passed away September 25, 2014 after a valiant battle with cancer. She was born September 16, 1957 in Fullerton, California to ReAnn Rosing and John Cox. Jennifer lived in California for 22 years, graduating from Fullerton High School, before moving to Utah. She married Larry Randles January 31, 1979 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Jennifer was a Stallion Alley Superintendent for ten years at the Weber County Fairgrounds.
She also worked as a Veternarian Technician and made friends with the clients she served. She loved all animals, especially horses and enjoyed art and drawing.
Jennifer is survived by her husband of 35 years, Larry; three sons: Christopher, Nick and Alexander; a grandson, Gene Randles; her brother Mike Cox and her mother-in-law, Dorothy Randles. She was preceded in death by her parents and brother, Chris.

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