8 am
Morgan stallions all ages
Morgan geldings all ages
Morgan mares all ages
Morgan junior horse 3 yrs & under
Grand Champion junior horse
Grand Champion Morgan

9 am
Hunter Pleasure open
Morgan Hunter pl open
Hunter pl 17 yrs & under
Morgan  Hunter pl Amateur
Morgan Hunter pl championship
Hunter pl walk trot 18 & over
Hunter pl junior/maiden
Huntseat equitation walk trot 18 & over
Huntseat equitation 17 & under
Morgan English pl open
Hunter pl walk trot 17 & under
Morgan English pl championship
Huntseat equitation walk trot 17 & under

  Break…cake walk

Jumper  18”
Jumper 2’
Hunter over jumps 2’
Hunter over jumps 18”
Hunter over trot poles, walk trot only
Huntseat equitation  trot poles, walk trot only
Huntseat  equitation all ages over jumps 18”

Lunch break

Costume class  (walk only,  stick horses welcome)

Short break
Western pl 18 & over
Morgan Western pl open
Western pl 17 & under
Morgan Western pl amateur
Western pl walk trot 18 & over
Morgan Western pl championship
Stockseat eq 17 & under
Western pl junior/maiden
Stockseat equitation 18 & over
Western pl walk trot 17 & under
Stockseat walk trot 17 & under

Break….Stick horse class…anything goes

Trail  18 & over
Trail 17 & under
Trail walk trot
Trail championship

Open  free style to music class
         ( reining/cowboy dressage/dressage )  
   music must be on cd’s and not more than 3 mins long

$10  a class
$5 youth classes
All day fees….
Single adult….$70
2012 RMMHC All Breed Horse Show

Aug 4, 2012      Golden Spike Fairgrounds in Ogden Utah
Highlights of 2012 Fun Shows