Meet the RMMHC Youth
Jentry Harvey who at the age of 2 rode 8 trail hours.  Now she rides alone on her horse "Nan" and has put in 22 hours of  trail riding this year. (And mega hours of arena riding.)  She is just learning to ride English and loves to jump.
She is as horse crazy has her mom and can't wait to grow up and train horses. She lives in Preston, Idaho and is in the 1st grade
Ireland Thorpe lives in Preston Idaho and is in the 3rd grade.  This is her first year showing her horse Pepper In walk trot.  She shows in English, Western and trail walk  trot classes. .
McKaylee Sargent is 8 yrs old and loves to ride her Grandma Kathy's (Kathy Johnson) horses. Her favorite horses are Sunny & Dolly. She has learned to canter to participate in the Hooper Jr. Rodeo Pageant, where is won Miss Congeniality. She loves to try new things. She wants to learn all grandma can teach her about horses, she says.
Bailey Sargent lives in Hooper, UT and is 7 yrs old. She has a special bond with Grandma Kathy's horse Christa. She is definitely the horse of her choice. Her favorite thing to do with Christa is trot. She always enjoys weaving the cones and the hills.
Bryndee Sargent is 5 yrs old and is a little timid at first, but once she is on the horse she can't stop smiling. Her confidence has grown so much in her short time in the saddle to now being able to ride without someone leading her. Trotting is her favorite on Dolly.
Ellie Sargent since she was just a little babe she has always Loved to be on a horse. She just turned 4 yrs old and is very independent. "I want to do it by myself!" No one can touch her or the horse. She also says "I want to run." she always wants to go faster. It is always a battle getting her off the horse. Christa and Sunny is her favorites of Grandma Kathy's horses.