The Morgan as a Trail horse
The intelligence, willingness, zest for life and good sense of the Morgan is blended with soundness of limbs, athleticism and stamina.
Wendy Hanger on Lady Hawk riding Crooked Creek in Franklin Idaho
Jessica Harvey on Alibi Triana in Dry Creek, Cove Utah
Lindsay Ross on Pepper in Dry Creek, Cove Utah
Jessica Harvey looking for elk on Lady Hawk
The Thorpe's on top of Cub River Canyon, Preston Idaho
    riding Lady Hawk, Pepper and Gracie
And you will ask yourself,
"How far can we two go?"
     The answer will be,
"where ever our path leads us"
Ask him to obey you and he will.
Ask him to be courageous and he will.  Ask him to go the extra mile, and he will. 
He is your companion, after all, and he lives to please you.
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Ken Thomas on KTM Tequilla Rio
The Best view is between the horses ears
Bob and Judy Nelson on Flirting with Fire & Lady Haux
Nancy Orme riding Diosa (osirus x Sessia's Maacah)  Sarah Orme riding Olympus (funquest Shazam) and Phil Handke riding  Eclipso (senator Graham)  on Nobleetts trail in Woodland Ut
Ziza (Osirus x Bessia's Maacah) at Gardner Fork in Weber Ut
Jessica and Jentry Harvey riding in Idaho
The O Kelley's riding in WY on Hang N Thunderstruck and Hang N Summer Nights
Olympus and Nancy Orme Looking at the High Uintas in Utah
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Ziza and Nancy Orme on the Smith Moorehouse trail