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History - Teaches how the horse has been use in America, (Clearing land and farming, Civil War, the move west, Gold Rushes, Indian wars)
Genealogies - Teaches on how to trace ancestors on horses
Responsibilities – Teaches how to take care of a horse (from feeding, grooming, bathing, brushing, taking care of the feet, etc.)
Medical – Basic first aid for horses and animals.
Nutrition – Teaches what foods are good for horses
Husbandry – Advanced students - animal husbandry, learning what characteristics to pass on. Genetics of horses,
Sports – The many areas of sports the horse is use today - Western, English, Hunter, Dressage, Trail Riding, Racing, Polo, Jumping, Carriage Driving, Competitive trail riding, Showmanship.
Psychology - animals can help improve the emotional and mental state of people
Physical fitness - learn the aspect of being physical fit for both human and horse
Patience – Learning to have patience with animals and others.
Earn Badges on achievement in various skills involving horses.
Justin Morgan had a Horse
By Marguerite Henry
The Morgan Horse
by Sarah Maass
The Runaway
By Robert Frost
Illustrations of Glenna Lang
John and Tom
by Willem Lange
Illustrations by Bert Dodson
“Morgan Horse Series, by Ellen Feld”
1st – Blackjack
2nd - Frosty
3rd - Rusty: The High-Flying Morgan Horse
4th – Robin

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